Please download the attached Best of the West Official Tournament Rules or view the following:

Best of the West Official Tournament Rules

The following document details the official playing and tournament rules for Best of the West Winter Invitational (BOW).

Top-Line Summary:

  • All in-state teams will check-in for the tournament on Friday, January 26th from 3pm – 6pm at the NYSA office at: 2605 South Decatur Blvd #114
    Las Vegas, NV 89102. Out-of-state teams may check in there OR check-in one-hour prior to their first game at tournament headquarters at Kellogg-Zaher.
  • Teams will check-in at designated tents at Kellogg-Zaher 30 MINUTES before each game.
  • The tournament scoring system is as follows:
    • Win (including forfeit) equals six (6) points
    • Tie equals three (3) points
    • Loss equals zero (0) points
    • Goals scored are one (1) point per goal to a maximum of three (3) points
    • No goals conceded is an additional one (1) point
    • Red Card is a one (1) point deduction
    • No overtimes
    • Tie-Breakers are as follows: 1) Head-to-head, 2) Goal differential, 3) Goals Against, 4) Goals For, 5) Penalty Shootout
    • Players participating in PKs MUST be on the field at the end of the game.
    • Best of 3 PKs for U10 and under; Best of 5 PKs for U11 and above
    • Home uniforms are dark. Away are white. If there is a conflict, the home team will change.




Laws of the Game shall apply as modified by US Club Soccer, USYSA and USYSNV as described herein.


All properly registered teams from the United States (U.S.) in good standing and which comply with the Policies and By-laws of US Club, USYS, United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA), and NYSA are eligible to compete in BOW.

Foreign teams must be members of their national youth soccer organization and must receive US Soccer approval to participate (the tournament will seek such approval on behalf of foreign teams).

Teams must be registered to a U7 through U18 boys or girls team. Eligible players are those players whose names appear on the team’s official roster on (U.S. teams) or team’s official roster (foreign teams). The players listed on the team’s official roster must be officially registered to the team through their youth soccer organization or be a sanctioned guest player. A team may have a maximum of five guest players.


Tournament Headquarters: Kellogg-Zaher at Fields 6 & 7.

Tournament DirectorThe administration of BOW is vested in the Tournament Director (Derek Imig). The Tournament Director will decide any matters not provided for in this policy and his decisions are final. The Tournament Director will only receive communication concerning the tournament and its conduct from registered team officials.

Disputes: The Tournament Director will settle all disputes. All decisions of the Tournament Director are final. All official game results are final.

Referee Organization: The Tournament Director employs a referee organization to referee all games. The referee organization is independent from the tournament, the Tournament Director, and the hosting club, LV Revolution FC. To maintain this independence, the Tournament Director will not over-rule referee decisions under any circumstance.


All teams, local or traveling, will be required to check-in for their first game at ONE HOUR before game time.

After the first game, a Field Marshall will check each team in within 20-30 minutes prior to their next game(s).

Team Rosters: Teams accepted to BOW must have completed their team roster at prior to 11:59pm on the Wednesday before the tournament begins, at which time all team rosters will be frozen. No additions will be allowed after the rosters freeze.  Maximum team roster sizes are as follows:

  • U7/U8 – 8
  • U9/U10 – 14
  • U11/U12 – 16
  • U13/U14 – 18
  • U15/U16+ – 20

Requirements: It is mandatory that an adult representative from each team attend the first team check-in.

Teams are to provide the following documentation at credentials check:

  • A team roster submitted via the web site.
  • Guest Player Forms (up to five (5) per team).
  • Laminated current year State Player/Coach Passes for USYS, US Club, etc. All passes must be from the same organization. No mixing of association passes will be accepted. Teams submitting mixed association passes will have to designate the association to apply to the team. Any players that do not have passes with the designated association will not be allowed to play.
  • Medical Releases. For USYS or US Club Soccer teams, the registration form for the current year.

Pre-Game Check-In: As stated above, after the initial team check-in, a Field Marshall will check in every team 20-30 minutes prior to their game at their field.


All teams are guaranteed at least three (3) games (weather permitting). The Tournament Director may reduce the number of games or game durations in order to complete the tournament if playing time is lost to inclement weather. Cancelation or abandonment of games is the decision of the Tournament Director or Center Referee should they determine that playing conditions are dangerous, as per US Club Soccer/USYS/NYSA regulations. The Tournament Director will do everything in his control to make sure all games are played. If the Tournament Director takes the decision to abandon all or part of the tournament, the standings at that time will be taken as final.

The Tournament Director will use the following Contingency Plan:

  • Plan A: All matches will be played as scheduled.
  • Plan B: Shorten all first round matches to two (2) fifteen (15) minute periods.
  • Plan C: Plan B plus shorten all second round matches the same.
  • Plan D: Plan C plus shorten all third round matches the same.
  • Plan E: In the event the fields become totally unplayable or the weather becomes a hazardous condition, it may be necessary to decide some matches with FIFA penalty kicks.

The Tournament Director has the authority to alter the schedule, move games to the next day or move game sites for the good of the tournament. All games will be played at the locations listed in the FIELDS section of these rules. The Tournament Director may change consolation game teams to avoid match-ups between teams from same geographic area.

The tournament will consist of a group play stage and a knock-out stage. In the group play stage, teams will be ranked in a group table based on the points scoring system defined. Should there be a points tie, the tie-breaker rules defined will be used to rank the teams in the group table. The number of teams advancing to the knock-out stage from each group will be determined by the size and number of groups in the age group/division. The knock-out stage will be single-elimination games where a winner must be determined. Winners advance to the next knock-out stage. The knock-out stage will continue until two teams remain in the age group/division to contest the Championship Final. Teams eliminated in the first knock-out round may have a consolation game, if that is required to provide the team its minimum of three (3) games.

  1. FIELDS:

All games will be played at the Kellogg-Zaher soccer complex.


Final standings for a group will be determined by the total number of points accumulated during group play. The following points system will be used to determine positions in group play:

  • Win (including forfeit) six (6) points
  • Tie three (3) points
  • Loss zero (0) points
  • Goals scored one (1) point per goal to a maximum of three (3) points
  • No goals conceded one (1) point
  • Red Card one (1) point deduction
  • No overtimes
  • Tie-Breakers are as follows: 1) Head-to-head, 2) Goal differential, 3) Goals Against, 4) Goals For, 5) Penalty Shootout
  • Players participating in PKs MUST be on the field at the end of the game.
  • Best of 3 PKs for U10 and under; Best of 5 PKs for U11 and above

Forfeits and Intentional Game Abandonment: Should a team forfeit the game or cause game abandonment, the opposing team is awarded a 1-0 win regardless of the game score at the time of the event. No points will be awarded if neither team shows up for the game.

Game Abandonment: Should a game be abandoned for reasons beyond the control of either team, the game is considered official if one half of play has been completed and the score at the time of abandonment will stand as the final result. If the game is abandoned before one half of play has been completed the outcome will be decided by the Tournament Director and will consist of either a rescheduling of the game, or recommencement of the game from the game time at abandonment, or the awarding of a tie to both teams.


A team that fails to appear for a scheduled game will forfeit the game. Games will not be rescheduled. A team is considered as failing to appear if it fails to check-in with the Field Marshal at least fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled kick-off time or if fails to report ready to play at the field of play least five (5) minutes before the scheduled kick-off time. Teams that forfeit during group play may continue on in group play but not in the knock-out rounds.


If necessary, the following tie-breaking rules will be used to determine the order of team advancement from group play. If more than two (2) teams are tied, the tie-breaker criteria are applied in the order below to either advance or eliminate one team. The remaining teams will then be compared, beginning at the top of the list, to determine the final placement/winner.

  1. Head to head, if all tied teams have played each other
  2. Goal differential
  3. Fewest goals against
  4. Most goals for
  5. Least amount of red cards
  6. Kicks from the penalty mark, in accordance with FIFA rules, at a time to be determined by the Tournament Director. Eleven (11) players from each team must be ready to participate (5) minutes before the appointed time. If a team fails to meet this requirement the opposing team will be declared the winner.
  7. If three or more teams cannot be separated through tie breakers A-D, penalty kicks shall determine 1st, 2nd& 3rd.  A coin toss will determine which team receives a bye from initial penalty shootout. The two (2) remaining teams will participate in initial shootout. The loser of the initial shootout will place 3rd in the group. The winner of the initial shootout will participate in a second shootout against the team receiving the bye. The winner of the second shootout will place 1st in the group. The loser of second shootout shall place 2nd in the group.

The Tournament Director is responsible for reporting scores and posting them on the scoreboards and on The official game score is the score recorded on the official game card. The Referee is to ensure that the official game card is an accurate reflection of the game score and are to confirm this through obtaining the signatures of both team Head Coaches on the game card at the end of the game. The Referee is to give the completed game card to the Field Marshal immediately after the game is concluded. The Field Marshal will provide the card to the Tournament Director.


Each player participating in Best of the West will receive a tournament pin.

At the conclusion of the final matches in each age group, first (1st) and Second (2nd) place teams will receive medals. The first (1st) place team in each age group will receive a trophy.


The home team is listed first on the schedule and will provide the game ball.

Coaches and Players from both teams will sit on the same sideline. All Parents and supporters will sit on the sideline opposite the players.

No alcoholic beverages, pets, illegal drugs or glass containers are allowed on or near the tournament fields.

Coaches: A team participating in BOW may only be coached during the competition by coaches registered as part of that team with the parent organization, or for foreign teams, registered with their home association that is affiliated to the national soccer organization.

Head coaches are responsible for the conduct of their other coaches, team officials, players, and spectators while present at game facilities.

The Head Coach is to sign the game card at the end of the game to signify agreement with the game score.


Sending-off: A player/coach/team official that is sent-off during a game must leave the facility at which the game is being played immediately. The player/coach/team official is to have no contact with the team until the game is completed.

If a player, coach, or team official is sent-off, the Field Marshal will retain the appropriate pass and forward it to the Facility Manager along with the Referee’s game report. The Facility Manager will forward the pass and Referee Game Report to the Tournament Director at the earliest convenience. The Tournament Director will determine the suspension to be served, in accordance with the guidelines below. If the Tournament Director believes the circumstances of the sending-off to be particularly egregious, he/she may take additional disciplinary action. Player/coach/team official sending-off cannot be rescinded.

Suspension: When a player/coach/team official is sent-off, minimum game suspensions will occur as follows, but may be increased at the discretion of the Tournament Director:

  • Serious Foul Play:  One (1) game
  • Foul and Abusive Language: One (1) game
  • Foul and Abusive Language Directed at a Game or Tournament Official: Two (2) games
  • Second Cautionable Offense: One (1) game
  • Violent Conduct, excluding assault or fighting: Two (2) games
  • Assault, Fighting, Entering the Field of Play During a Fight: Remainder of Tournament

If a player/coach/team official/spectator cannot be identified as being involved in a fight, the entire team will be removed from the tournament. No refunds will be made to any team that is removed from the tournament for fighting.

A suspended player/coach/team official cannot be within sight or hearing distance of the field of play during his/her suspension. The suspended player/coach/team official is to have no contact with the team during the game. Any coach or team official that is coaching more than one team in the tournament and is suspended on one team, is automatically suspended from any other team(s) until the suspension has been served.

Game TerminationIf, in the opinion of the Center Referee, a game must be terminated for misconduct, the offending team forfeits that game and will be suspended from further play in all remaining games, which will be forfeited. Previous points earned by the team concerned and any right to a refund, awards or other consideration will be forfeited. In addition, the home league and State Association will be informed of the incident.

Verbal AbuseAny verbal abuse by players/coaches/team officials/spectators directed at tournament officials, referees or other tournament volunteers will result in ejection from the game facility and suspension from further participation in the tournament, at the discretion of the Tournament Director.


The Nevada Legislature passed Law AB 474 in 2005 to protect sports officials, including referees and assistant referees. State law makes it a crime to threaten a sports official, verbally or physically, resulting in fines up to $2,000 and one (1) year in prison. If the victim suffers severe bodily harm, the punishment may be up to a $10,000 fine and fifteen (15) years in prison. (NRS 200.471 and 200.481)


After each championship game, the final teams may gather for pictures in front of the BOW media wall. Teams will be presented with medals. These proceedings may be streamed live on the BOW Facebook Page and pictures may be uploaded to the BOW Facebook page.